Are You Flying By The Seat Of Your Pants When It Comes To Running Your Business?

  “Finally, A Step-by-Step, Ready-to-Use Personal Training Business Action Plan That Will Make Growing Your Business and Your Profits As Easy As Paint by Numbers!”


Dear Fellow Fitness Professional,

If you’re like most trainers I know, you probably have little (if any) business background.  You’re passionate about fitness, you love helping people and you truly enjoy being in the gym.  But when it comes to the business side of personal training, you’d gladly take a pass if you could.  Does any of this sound familiar:

  • "I wish I could just train. I’m not interested in this business or marketing stuff... that's not why I became a personal trainer!"  

  • “I’ll never make any real money as a trainer.”  

  • “I just hope I can make enough to get through the summer.”  

  • “I want to grow my business but I just don’t know where to begin.”  

  • “I just don’t understand why I’m not making more money. I’m a great trainer.”

Don’t feel bad…it’s more common that you think. 

But let’s face it…if you want to start making any real money as a personal trainer you’re going to have to start running your business like a…


…real business.

No more flying by the seat of your pants.  No more “putting out fires” instead of focusing on what’s really important.  No more thinking that a marketing plan is going to a networking event and passing out business cards when you’re running short on cash.

I know what you’re thinking: “Enough telling me what I’m not supposed to do…how do I know what I’m supposed to do?”

Well, it’s easier than you may think.  There’s a simple approach to knowing exactly what’s important.  Exactly how you should be spending your time.  Exactly how you’re going to grow your business.

It’s called a Business Action Plan – and it’s your blueprint for developing, managing and growing a tremendously profitable personal training business.

So let me ask you a question:

If We Were Willing To Give You A Roadmap That Would Lead You And Your Business Exactly Where You Want It To Go, Would You Be Interested?

Now don’t let me confuse you…a Business Action Plan isn’t the same type of business plan that you’d take to the bank when you’re trying to secure a loan.  Instead, it’s a roadmap that guides you to developing the business of your dreams.  It’s like having your own business blueprint that directs you to take the appropriate actions and create the right systems - at your fingertips - so you know exactly what to do every day to move you closer to success.

At the Fitness Consulting Group we’ve just kind of taken Business Action Plans for granted.  We use them for our health club, our training businesses and our consulting business.  We’ve always just considered them a way of life if you’re in business. 

But recently Nick and I were having our first coaching call with a very successful trainer that wanted us to help him take him business to the next level.  When we mentioned developing a Business Action Plan there was long silence.  Then he responded, almost sounding confused.  To quote him:

“I’ve never seen a business action plan.”

We’re talking about one of the best trainers in the business.  A six-figure a year guy.

Needless to say, Nick and I quickly came to the conclusion that if this trainer hadn’t ever utilized a Business Action Plan, most other trainers hadn’t either.

So we decided that we needed to get this powerful tool in as many trainers’ hands as possible.  So we went to work to develop a template that any trainer could use to create their own success blueprint.  When we were finished, we had come up with a tool that even the most “business challenged” trainer could easily use to plan their own business building strategy.

Here is just a sample of what the PT Business Action Plan includes:

fitness checkObjectives – without goals you’ll go nowhere.  

fitness check
Keys to Success – the vital factors to your success.  

fitness checkClients and Target Market – a well defined niche is the difference between bankruptcy and business success.  

fitness check
Program Offerings – are you selling what your clients want?  

fitness check SWOT Analysis – one of the most important assessments you can perform.  
fitness check
Unique Selling Proposition – what sets you apart from the competition?  

fitness check External Marketing Strategies – are you generating a steady stream of new prospects?    

fitness check
Internal Marketing Strategies – the most underutilized component of business growth.  

fitness checkProfit and Loss Statement – what is the true financial health of your business?

fitness check and much much more...

Many fitness pros make the mistake of not approaching their business as a business.  If you treat your business like a hobby it will pay like a hobby.  If you want to make any real money – you MUST treat your business like a business.

The PT Business Action Plan is invaluable for planning, identifying opportunities, decision making, and evaluating your progress. The PT Business Action Plan will also help you establish timelines and milestones to help guide your progress and make smart business modifications.

But There Are So Many Trainers Who Are Successful Without Using Business Plans, Do I Really Need One?

It’s no different than someone who comes to you and wants to lose weight.  Will they do better with a thorough assessment, a personally designed program and regular measurements – or- by just showing up and arbitrarily throwing things together and hoping they get results?  Sure, it could work – but who has the better chance of success?

The PT Business Action Plan will literally force you to plan ahead and develop the specific systems and strategies that will be necessary to get you to your goals.

Because developing your own action plan could literally take months of work and tons of research we’ve also included three completed sample business action plans for you to model, take ideas from or just plain steal.

Plus, to help you grow your business and your profits at record speed, we’ve decided to include 5 more of our most valuable business building tools:

Bonus Number One (A $37 Value): The Fitness Consulting Group Marketing Template.  The most valuable tool you can have to evaluate the current state of your business systems.  You’ll quickly be able to identify any weak links or areas for improvement in your business. We’ve also included a completed Marketing Template for you to model.

Bonus Number Two (A $27 Value): The Fitness Consulting Group Completion Plan Template.  Completion Plans are foundation for any successful businesses systems.  You’ll be able to quickly and easily develop replicable systems that will make it easy to plug in employees, leverage your time and grow your business.  To make sure you take advantage of this valuable tool we’ve included a completed completion plan.

Bonus Number Three (A $37 Value): An Example Performa.  Any legitimate business has a Performa to project their future revenues and expenses.  This tool will serve as the benchmark to measure the financial health of your business. As with all of our other tools, we’ve included a completed Performa for you to model.

Bonus Number Four (A $47 Value): FCG “Working On Your Business” Worksheets.  If you want different results in your business that you’re currently getting – then you need to take different actions.  This easy-to-use worksheet system will help you begin the transition from working in your business to working on your business.  We use these tools EVERY DAY!

So, how much are all these profit-producing tools going to cost you?  Our consulting and coaching clients tell us that these tools are worth thousands.  Several people we told about our idea of making them available to the general public told us we should charge no less than $500.  I agree it’s worth that, and I’d probably make more money at that price.  The only reason I’m not charging that much is you’d already have to be rich to justify paying $500 for tools like this.

So how does “a dime on the dollar” sound?  I believe that’s fair – more than fair – and it’s affordable.  

So, for a limited time, we are running a Market Test and you can have it at the nominal investment of only $49.95 - but you must Act Now!   Remember, due to a couple of other projects that we have in the works we may be forced to take this package off the market at any time.

Plus, because you download The PT Business Action Plan and all three bonuses, you can have this information right away!  And…

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning!

Order Now and use the same tools that our clients pay us hundreds, often thousands – to get access to.  You can be well on your way to totally transforming your business in just a matter of days!

Best of all, you can order with total confidence because this package comes with a 60-Day, 100% money-back guarantee.  It’s simple: either we live up to our promises and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back – no questions asked!  You have a full 60 days to decide.

Remember, these are action tools!  If you’re not going to use them – don’t bother ordering them.  Each of the business building tools can dramatically impact your success – if you’re willing to put in a little time and effort.  Every one of them are field tested and proven to work.

So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, make more money and enjoy the feeling of owning a business instead of it owning you, we’re going to give you the resources to make it a reality!  So what are you waiting for? Order Now!

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